10. Why Homeschooling Was

Really Banned in Sweden

by C.C.M.Warren M.A.(Oxon), Retired Professional Educator

When I first entered the political debate on homeschooling in 2009 I naïvely and fallaciously believed three things:

    1. That rational scientific discussion on the proven workability and success of homeschooling internationally would prevail - the government refused to discuss anything;

    2. That the the reasons the government and its bureaucracy wanted to eliminate homeschooling were on purely scientific-educational grounds, whilst being ignorant of what homeschooling was - they simply weren't interested and thought they knew everything; and

    3. That the Swedish government actually was a democratic institition and cared about minorities - they didn't but arrogantly saw how tiny the homeschooling community was and trampled on our rights.

One thing the government didn't count on was how noisy we would get and how much noisier we will yet get. We have barely begun. And if they go arresting homeschooling parents or kidnapping their children and putting them into foster homes as they did with Christer and Domenic Johansson they will hear such an outcry and on a scale many orders of magnitude greater that they will wish they had left the old law permitting homeschooling as it was. They are now dealing with professionals who are organising.

The more I researched the subject the more I realised that the primary motivating force of the Swedish governbment for banning homeschooling was none of these three things. The reasons were political and IDEOLOGICAL. I discovered, the more I probed, that this so called-Right-Centre Government Alliance of Conservatives, Liberals, Centrists and Christian Democrats were following an European Nationalist/Socialist/Fascist agenda that had nothing to do with the merits or demerits of homeschooling as an educational method but with the desire of the ruling élite to establish the 'Third Way' of EUROPEISM. Moreover, I realised that this agenda was the same one as the opposition Red-Green Alliance of Social Democrats, Communists and Greens. ALL THE SWEDISH MAINSTREAM POLITICAL PARTIES BELIEVE THE SAME THING ESSENTIALLY. They are all European National Socialist Federalists - in a word, Fascists.

Now I realise that in saying this the gut reaction will be to say that I am insane. However, I am anything but insane. The articles on the main Politics Page demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that the public has been duped into thinking that the political battles have been between 'right-' and 'left-wing' ideas when the truth is they are identical and always have been. The real battle is between European Nationalism and the Libertarian Independent States of Europe.

These realisations required that I expand FreeSweden.net from being an exclusively educational website into a political one too, not because of a personal interest in politics (as I personally lost interest in it 20 years ago when I saw all the lies and corruption), but because the battle for homeschooling cannot possibly be won using educational arguments alone. The issue is political. It's about freedom vs. slavery. It's about individualism vs. grey mass collectivism. It's about democracy (not what we see in the system today which is a sham) vs. dictatorship (which is pretending to be 'democratic'). You see, everyone these days claims to be 'democratic', including the muderous Communist Stalinists of the Peoples' Democratic Republic of [North] Korea which in its blind religious (Marxist) fervour is ready to start a nuclear war and who have nearly starved half their population to death.

What follows are some very bold assertions which I partially back up in the research work done on this website. The reader must do the rest of the research work him- or herself. My main findings are essentially as follows:

    1. The European Union is a reconstructed Soviet Union - a Marxist state - with a western paint job to make it look 'democratic' - one of revolution by small increments (using deception and democracy...until the signing of the Lisbon Treaty - now it's full speed ahead rule by the unelected Commission/Commissariat/Politbureau) rather than by means violent Marxist-Leninist revolution;

    2. The European Union is an amalgam of International Socialism (Communism), National Socialism (Nazism/Fascism) - the heart of the system - with an outward veneer of Social Democracy and the 'New Liberalism' -the illusion of democracy - it is not classical libertarianism - it is a totalitarian state with a layer of democracy to give it legitimacy in the eyes of the uneducated and uninformed;

    3. All the mainstream political parties in Sweden (including the 'Conservatives') are European Federalist because all are socialist (see Fascism in Slow Motion), just as they are in the United Kingdom now and elsewhere in Europe (see my Introduction to the Politics Page);

    4. There is almost no difference between Socialism/Communism and Fascism which means that there is no such thing as a linear political spectrum of 'left and right' but actually a circular 'spectrum' (see Modern Leftism as Recycled Fascism and Fascism in Slow Motion)

    5. The Swedish system was an experimental model for the European Union prior to Sweden's easy assimilation into the EU as a member-state;

    6. Homeschooling represents a direct threat to Europeism because of its stress on individualism over blind conformism;

    7. Though protected by law in the European Union, the right to homeschool is totally ignored by the German government which persecutes homeschoolers just as Sweden is now beginning to do, and the EU courts simply turn a blind eye...so the Swedish Government thinks it can get away with banning a human right by hiding under Germany's wings

Essentially, Europeans are making exactly the same mistakes as they did in the 1930's - we have not learned a thing from history, which is hardly surprising since history has been written from only one point-of-view (Europeist)...which is taught in all the schools...which is why Europeists hate homeschooling and other forms of independent schooling that examine different interrpetations of history. Sweden's much vaunted 'Free Schools' are no threat to the Europeists because they have exactly the same mandated curriculum as the state school - they teach exactly the same things - same food, different dishes.

As Czech President and libertarian statesman Václav Klaus points out, the Anglo-Saxon nations have been the great thorn in the Europeists' side, though Britain has begun to be neutralised. With authentic libertarian traditions all but wiped out in Europe (and non-existant in the former communist East European countries now joining the EU), Britain and the United States were, until very recently, the last bastions of genuine freedom. And though the American Government has not, as yet, tried to eliminate homeschooling (it's simply too big there, with millions pursuing that form of education), an attempt was made by the last National Socialist Federalist Government of the United Kingdom to control it (in the infamous Badman Report) but was squelched at the last moment by the dying Labour Government. Had Labour survived, regulation would have been the thin edge of the wedge for Britain's 10,000 or so homeschoolers and would have led, farther down the line, to restrictions similar to those of Sweden up until 2010/11 and finally to a complete ban. The British Homeschooling Movement is now politically mobilised and is likely to give any government a bloody nose, including the current so-called Conservative-Liberal Coalition...which is another National Socialist Federalist Government (like the one in Sweden). The only authentic libertarian party in Britain now is the United Kingdom Independence Party which came second in the last European elections - it is now a real force to be reckoned with. No such comparible party exists in Sweden yet and probably won't until Swedes wake up to what's happening to them.

There is really no logical reason why the Swedish government should eliminate homeschooling in a country were so few practice it unless the reasons are religious or ideological. As you will see in a number of articles, I classify all forms of national and international socialism as "religious". So I have had to conclude that the reason homeschooling has been banned has been for ideological/ religious reasons. Why did the Nazis ban it in 1938? Because they did not want parents to teach their children any ideology apart from National Socialism. They wanted uniformity and conformity. The Soviet Union banned it too...for exactly the same reasons.

Two words of clarification words need to be made at this point so that there are no misunderstandings and no attempts by the unscrupulous and dishonest to slur us:

    1. I am an advocate of authentic libertarian social democracy, liberalism and conservatism. Part of me is socialist (as I have written elsewhere) and part conservative in that (non-Europeist) context (so I guess you could say I am a centrist). Labelling me as 'right-wing' or 'fascist' won't wash as you will see from the articles in the political page. My two heroes of the British political scene were Margaret Thatcher (so-called 'right-wing' conservative) and Tony Benn (so-called 'left-wing' socialist) not because I am a 'right-wing' conservative or a 'left-wing' socialist but because these two politicians were authentic lovers of libertarianism and democracy. Though of very different political persuasions, I respected both as classical liberals who loved their country, freedom and democracy. It is these kinds of politician that we are missing today - there are hardly any left in Sweden today unless small groups like the Pirate Party mobilise and stand up for liberty. Let us hope they do not leave it too late because dictatorships are notoriously hard to vote out of office...as anyone trying to leave the EU will discover, just as the Baltic States did initially when they tried to leave the Soviet Union.

    2. In criticising the mainstream political parties I am not implying that all individual politicians are a part of this totalitarian conspiracy. More than likely, the majority are not - they are simply uninformed or under pressure. Accordingly when the new Education Act was brought before parliament for discussion, some individual politicians in several parties (mostly the Centre and Christian Democrat parties) defended us. Indeed, two courageous members of the Centre Party - Maria Kornevik Jakobsson and Karin Nilsson - tabled a motion proposing that homeschooling be made a statutory right (Motion 2009/10:Ub273 Rätten till hemundervisning). One can only assume that it was swept away when the new Education Act banning homeschooling was passed. Others in parliament supported us though mostly abstained rather than say 'No' and incur their Party's wrath.

The battle for homeschooling is on but it is more than just about educational methodology. I wish it wasn't for I know we would win hands-down if it were just a matter of science - the evidence is out there for anyone honest enough to research it. And whilst we absolutely must present an educational case (because that's what we're chiefly about), we must not be so naïve as I initially was in thinking that we can avoid getting our fingers dirty in the political pie. We must make sure that the European Union, corrupt as it is, is made to honour its own homeschooling law without allowing countries like Germany (who still have the 1938 Nazi anti-homeschooling law in force) to bully the courts and twist it. We shall, as I said, be making sufficient noise to see that they uphold their own plainly written law. It's our fundamental human right and we are never going to surrender it.

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