This Way Lies Ruin

by David Silberstein

THEY HAVE STYLED THEMSELVES as purveyors of help; as experts in the field of the mind; as those who know best when it comes to raising children, judging sanity and insanity, and treating aberrations of the personality. They have degrees from institutions of higher learning to back up these claims, and command fees of hundreds of dollars an hour for services rendered.

YET AMONG those who work in the medical profession, they are both the single group with the highest rate of insurance fraud convictions and the single group with the highest rate of suicide. Notoriously prone to the very "diseases" they purport to be able to cure, they provide the worst possible example of their own effectiveness, and yet they continue to foist upon the rest of us the notion that they alone are capable of understanding what makes us tick.

MEET THE PSYCHIATRISTS. These are the people who are driving drugs into the schools; who are excusing poor scholastic performance under the guise of "feel-good" education; who routinely bilk healthcare insurers (and thereby the public) of millions of dollars a year in spurious "treatments" which yield demonstrably negative results and in many cases do not occur at all. These are the people who advocate torture in the form of electroshock and who have tasked themselves with reorganizing the way the world educates its young and deals with its "abnormals". Yet these are also the people who not only cannot agree on definitions of the diseases they claim to be able to treat, but openly admit that they don't know what they're doing.

THESE ARE THE PEOPLE who actively seek to wreck our culture and our civilization by legitimizing a viewpoint that treats man as an animal, incapable of improvement and doomed to a life of limitations. In the hands of psychiatrists, Beethoven would have been tranquilized, Rembrandt lobotomized, and Jesus Christ given ECT, put in restraints and locked away, never to see the sky again.

IF YOU ARE WONDERING why the world seems to be coming apart at the seams, why crime, illiteracy, drug abuse and moral decline continue to make headlines daily, and why those who SAY they can do something about mental health CANNOT, you are not alone. You've come to one of many places on the Web where the lies are exposed and the psychiatric viewpoint shown to be exactly what it is: a morally, ethically, and medically bankrupt point of view that has NO legitimate place in civilized society.

    - LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE: See the smoking gun, straight from the front pages of the newspaper. This is only the tip of a very, very large iceberg.

    - HEAR THE TESTIMONY: Listen to what the psychiatrists themselves have to say about their own goals, purposes, and plans for the rest of us.

    - READ THE ACCOUNTS OF EYEWITNESSES: Read these books and articles that document the details of psychiatry's evil - some by psychiatric survivors, all by people who care. You'll need a very strong stomach for some of these.

    - DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT: Check out these other resources on the Web - sites that document the fraud of the psychiatric viewpoint on life.

DESPITE ALL that the psychiatrists would have you believe, remember that there is hope. No one is doomed to a life bound by drugs, shock, psychosurgery, or worse. No society is doomed to the degradation of going to Hell in a handbasket. Much can be done to help the individual, and much more must be done to nullify the insidious influence of psychiatry in the wider social sphere. The prize for the individual is sanity. The prize for the society: a world in which we can truly hold our heads up high and tell our children that we're proud of the future we're giving them.

TAKE ACTION: Find out about things that YOU can do right now to make this world a little more sane. Don't leave it up to the other guy: he's waiting for you!

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