Domenic Johansson

The State Kidnapping of

an Innocent Homeschooled Child

and the Destruction of His Loving Family

Introduction (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1

    "We are concerned here with AN ACT OF HUMANITY with the maintaining of cultural values and not least with a measure of considerable political importance. The effect upon all nations...of the fate of these innocent people so maliciously persecuted must not be underestimated. To leave these victims to their misery would be a heavy blow to all those who believe in human solidarity and would enclourage those who believe only in force and oppression and who act accordingly" (Albert Einstein, on the persecution of the Jews in Nazi Germany, himself homeschooled in Germany).

The story of Domenic Johansson (sometimes wrongly spelled Dominic) and his parents is the same story as the one Einstein related only this time the oppressed are homeschoolers and the oppressors are a totalitarian-minded Swedish government. Kidnapped by the state for legally homeschooling (before the Swedish government illegally banned it in 2010) without any kind of accountability, his desperate father arrested and imprisoned for taking the boy to see his family unsupervised by the state authorities, his heart-broken mother totally broken down by the loss of her only child, the harshness, insensitivity and cruelty of the Social Services Department in Gotland, the almost total blackout by the media, the indifference and lack of any kind of moral outrage by the Swedish people generally save for a few individuals here and there, should all be warning signs of a country sinking into the mire of a new kind of 21st century fascism that pretends to be liberal, pluralistic and democratic but which is, in truth, just another tinpot dictatorship.

This webpage is first and foremost about the Johansson family. It has been created to alert the world and the Swedish people to the tyranny of the pretended 'Social Paradise' of Sweden, to get Christer Johansson released from jail and get Domenic Johansson reunited with his family. Secondly, this page exists to not only restore homeschooling in the light of the terrible Johansson experience (not to mention other homeschoolers who have received horrendous fines, and those who have fled the country in fear of their own government), as well as to liberalise it further, but also to contribute its effort to the rising libertarian movement in Sweden that seeks liberty, justice and accountability from a government and social services system drunk in its own power. We want to see direct, grass-roots democracy that will allow people to choose the type of life they want to live (see our Politics page) without fear of Big Brother. Finally, we want to see a major shaking up and reformation of the Swedish Social Services who seem, in many municipalities like Gotland where the Johanssons live, to think that they know everything and to like playing at being god.

However you, the reader are, there is something you can do to help. We want to encourage you to play your part in the struggle for liberty and justice. Tell everyone you know, inform newspapers, institutions, politicians. Sign petitions. Your voice absolutely counts! And if you believe in God, please also pray for this destitute family and for the authorities - strength and encouragement for the former, humility and a conscience for the latter. If you are a humanist, please just look at the facts, apply logical thinking, common decency and an active conscience. For this is a cause worthy of all people who love freedom - homeschoolers in Sweden consist of both humanists and religious people. The bottom line is that we are here concerned about an ACT OF HUMANITY, just like Einstein said. We can, and must be, all be united for the common good.

    "What need is there for responsibility? I believe that the horrifying deterioration in the ethical conduct of people today stems from the mechanisation and dehumanisation of our lives, a disasterous byproduct of the development of the scientific and technical mentality. We are guilty. Man grows cold faster than the planet he inhabits" (Albert Einstein, Scientist & Libertarian).

Domenic Johansson's - and his parents' - only crime was that he was being homeschooled to become a loving, affectionate human being, something the Social Services disapproved of because it has become so alien, where much touted 'socialisation' is in reality a Darwinian survival of the fittest. The state wants everyone the same - 'cookie-cutter' children.

The struggle for the reunification of this family and their right to homeschool is essentially the struggle between the dehumanising forces that Einstein speaks of represented by the Swedish government herding and mechanising of children in the unnatural, never-to-be-repeated environment of state schools where creativity is stiffled and conformism drummed in, and the humanising power of the family. Institutions can never possess the intimacy and warm-heartedness that belongs to, and thrives most in, a family environment and the government is plain wrong when it believes that the State can do a better job of raising children than parents. This fallacious attitude, born out of extreme left-and right-wing collectivist ideas soundly discredited in the disasterous social experiments of communism and fascism in the 20th century, is probably the primary cause of this callous state abuse of the Johansson family. It is time to end it both in Sweden and in any other once democratic and libertarian country that is yielding to the totalitarian temptation.

So lend us your support to end this government tyranny!

"In the best interests of the child" (says the Swedish régime)
"What a bare-faced lie!

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