The German Model Taken

to Its Logical Conclusion

by Irdial

Imagine the German model and ideology of education (as introduced by the Nazis under Adolf Hitler) where children are not allowed to be home-educated because “the obligation to attend school is a civil obligation, that cannot be tampered with”.

Imagine you are a German. You have four children. You have just landed a job in Dubai. The state says to you, “Herr Leuchtenmueller, you and Frau Leuchtenmueller may not take your children with you to Dubai, because whilst you are living there, they will be made to attend non German schools, and when they return to Germany, they will be un-German in their attitudes and mannerisms. Please deposit your children at the local boarding Kindergarten where they will be looked after in your absence. You will be billed for this service quarterly”.

That sounds absolutely insane doesn’t it? The fact of the matter is, it is not at all insane, and is in fact a logical conclusion of the idea that children must attend schools set up by the state so that they are well integrated into society. If a court can stop you from home schooling in Germany, and the police can be called to haul your children off to school, why should the state not prevent you from de-Germanizing your children by moving to another country for whatever reason?

    [...] Last September, the European Court of Human Rights supported Hitler’s 1938 schooling bill. The Strasburg-based court, whose verdicts apply in the entire European Union, ruled that the right to education “by its very nature calls for regulation by the State.” It upheld the finding of German courts: “Schools represent society, and it is in the children’s interest to become part of that society. The parents’ right to educate does not go so far as to deprive their children of that experience.” [...]

If this is the case, then anyone leaving Germany for another country, for any reason, should not be allowed to take their children with them, because by doing so they will be depriving them of the child’s interest in becoming part of German society. Many Germans have left Germany so that they can exercise their right to educate their children as they see fit all of these families are depriving their children of the right to be a part of German society; why were they not stopped at the airport and their children forcibly removed from the parents? (CCMW - This did happen in Sweden!) If they can leave the country whenever they like so that they can home-educate without any restriction, or take jobs, or move for the weather, why should they have to leave their own country in the first place because of this bogus anti home-schooling ‘integrating into society’ nonsense?? They are going to be taken out of German society one way or another, surely it is better for Germany if these families are left in peace and the children allowed to be Germans in Germany – and let us not forget that Home Schooled children outperform institutionalized children in every metric.

Germany is better off with home-schooled German adults in its population.

The people who enforce these Nazi era laws clearly know nothing about home-schooling, or the results of it. They have no idea about the rights of men. They have no real idea of why they are following these absurd regulations. They are robotic, anti-family, monstrous and utterly without logic or morals. They don’t even have a sense of long term self interest – sending people like this out of your country is bad for your society.


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