German Homeschooling

Family Under Assault

    A court in eastern Germany has taken custody of five children away from their homeschooling parents, but has not yet removed the children from the home. The parents, Bert and Kathrin Brause of Zittau, lost custody of their children, Rosine, Jotham, Kurt-Simon, Lovis and Ernst, to the local youth welfare office.

    The parents can only regain custody by placing their children in public school, and the children may be physically removed by the state at any time.

    According to court documents translated by the International Human Rights Group, the parents were also ordered to pay all court costs, estimated at almost $4000. The judge’s order was based solely on the parents’ unwillingness to send their children to the public school, in violation of Germany’s mandatory school attendance law.

    The case in Zittau, in the eastern state of Saxony, is a separate case from the one involving the Busekros family in Bavaria, where a 15-year-old girl was taken from her homeschool family and put into a mental ward for treatment of “school phobia.” The parents no longer have custody of the girl, Melissa.

    There are only about 300 to 500 homeschoolers in Germany, and many have been jailed and fined. Some have lost their businesses and others have fled Germany with their children to other countries.

Using Nazi laws to enforce Nazi attitude. Ironically Nazi symbols are illegal in Germany, while, obviously, Nazi tactics are not.

Snarfed from Jack Lewis’ blog

Germany, and its blind citizenry have no idea of what freedom means, despite being smashed to pieces in ‘World War Two’ and being partitioned into two states, one ‘Communist’ (DDR) and the other not. During the Cold War, they had on their doorstep, a nation under control of Soviet Russia, where one third of the population was employed by the STASI to spy on the other two thirds; a living nightmare of totalitarian control and paranoia. Even with that horror-show right next door to them, threatening to engulf them for decades, after it was wiped off the face of the earth they STILL have no idea about freedom. They have no idea of the real relationship between the state and the individual. The officials who trot out this home school persecution garbage cannot see that they are behaving exactly like the East German STASI beasts that dampened and destroyed the population of the ‘other half’ of Germany during the Cold War.

It makes any reasonable person sick to their stomach.

That the UK is in bed with such people is terrifying. That their laws can now be enforced in the UK is almost too frightening to contemplate.

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