World Outrage at

Government Treatment

of Domenic Johansson Family

by Daragh McInerney, Home Educating Parent, Spain

Be outraged.


Feel angry.

If you donít, somethingís wrong.

Read about what has happened to Domenic. Put yourself in his shoes, those of his parents. Still feel nothing? Then Iím sorry, youíve been too long in the system. Get out before you die from stupor.

Or maybe itís just me. I home educate my children. I live in a foreign country. There are cases of persecution of parents by social services in Spain, too. Maybe someone might not like my accent, my hair, the clothes my children wear, the way they look, how well they read. It could happen to me, so itís natural I empathize, right?

It could happen to you.

My children used to go to school. They werenít happy, so we took them out. Everyone can have children. The same thing could happen to anyone, where you make a decision to do what is best for your children, what you think is the right thing to do, that you see in front of your eyes, that youíve learned from nights being up with your child when your child is ill, being with them in moments of joy and sorrow, developing the strong, deep connection that is natural between parent and child.

Then imagine someone decides that they know better than you, that some soon-to-be-disproved theory on how many exams children should do per term or how important it is for children to learn to sit still for long periods of time should take precedence over what you think to be best. Imagine this person is backed by a whole system that would take your child from you, not allow you to comfort him, would imprison you if you wanted to spend more time with him.

Thereís something rotten in the state of Sweden.

But itís not only there, itís around the corner, in your country, in mine, in the mind of someone who believes that the state should interfere in the lives of people who arenít from the right background, the right class, the right country. When a happy child is taken from his parents Ďfor his own goodí, when a man is imprisoned for putting his childís happiness above rule 502, and a woman is left without her husband or her son, something is rotten.

"If You Tolerate This Then Your Children Will Be Next"
(Manic Street Preachers)

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